Transparency International – Pakistan’s campaign to fight corruption not only focuses the youngsters or stakeholders but also keeps in mind the importance of the children of Pakistan. They should be taught that corruption is danger for the morals of the society. The overall understanding of people about the children is that they pick up negative and positive things more quickly as compared to adults. To provide them education/awareness about the negative impacts of corruption and bribery and the benefit of a corruption free Pakistan is essential. This will help to make Pakistan a better place to live in.

Transparency International - Pakistan highlights the problems caused by corrupted behavior, and encourages children to act against it. The program provides a playground rather than a solemn classroom to encourage children to feel comfortable and voice their opinion. The impact of the program will be long term as children get the awareness of rules and regulations, morals and ethics of society, integrity, honesty and become patriotic Pakistanis. All and all the hope to make a transparent society can not be achieved until and unless the whole society will not realize their responsibility and we want to give them aim of their lives through education.


  • To provide a channel for children to express their image, attitude and perception of corruption.
  • To highlight the way the children view corruption and bribery.
  • To highlight the impact of corruption in the lives of children.
  • To motivate other segments of civil society to understand their responsibilities towards fighting corruption.
  • To make the children wary of different types of corruption that affects their lives.


  • The children will understand their role in fighting corruption in Pakistan and would feel empowered to make a difference.
  • The children would find a platform to express their dissent with the mishaps of the society.
  • The children will understand their rights and obligations toward their country.

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